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Binge Drinking May Boost Blood Pressure In Young Men

Binge drinking among young adult men may lead to increased blood pressure, according to a new study. [...]

Your Age-by-Age Guide to a Healthy Heart

Hidden health risks and new save-your-life heart advice for every decade. As you hit one of those big birthdays, you probably worry more about new wrinkles than about less visible body parts… [...]

Heart Disease and Women: Take It Personally

Ready or not, there is a new face of heart disease It’s you, it’s me, it’s all women, because we’re all at risk. Most women fear breast cancer, and rightly so, but many of us haven’t gotten the news that heart disease kills nine times as many women as breast cancer. What’s more, thanks to fast food, increasing levels of obesity, and lack of regular exercise, death from heart disease is on the rise in women under 55. That means us. It’s time to take control. The good news is that preventing heart attacks and strokes is really not complicated. The healthier your heart, the more energetic, optimistic, and, let’s face it, sexier you will feel. [...]

Could Divorce Break A Woman’s Heart?

Divorce Could Literally (Eventually) Break A Woman’s Heart, Says Study… It’s not news that divorce is stressful – stressful enough that past research has frequently documented poorer health among divorcees. But those with a previous divorce, particularly women, appear to have a higher risk of heart attack, found a study published in the journal Circulation. [...]